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Amazon & E-Commerce Services

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In 2013, HYC began a new adventure with shippers who have stepped into the new world for e-commerce store fronts, beginning with our involvement with ASM (Amazing Selling Machine) and RapidCrush.  Through our partnership with those entrepreneurs, we have developed a specialized team devoted to the E-Commerce shipper.  Our A-team (ateam@hyclogistics.com) is uniquely trained to support you in getting your shipment from manufacturer to distribution center.  While we began our journey with Amazon, we now support customers who go to market via Choxi (Groupon) or Ebay.

Getting Here:

  • Broker and Freight forwarding services from port to port
  • FOB (We will arrange to receive your freight from your supplier and get it here)
  • ExWorks (We will arrange to pickup your freight from your supplier and get it here)
  • We can handle all customs, document processing and services related to entry to the US
  • We can also handle your shipments to Canada and the UK!!

Once it’s here:

HYC has a unique network of warehouse services that can offer;

  • FBA labeling
  • SKU Labeling
  • Inserts
  • Repacking service
  • Specialized product assembly and packaging
  • Long term storage
  • Receiving returns from you distributor
  • Inspections services (basic and detailed)
  • Palletizing for LTL shipping
  • FBA/SPD labeling and hand over to UPS Amazon Preferred
  • LTL Trucking – We can book it for you, or prep for Amazon LTL
  • FTL (Full Truck Load) – We are an agent for the largest FTL broker in the country, and can get you the best rates on full truck load shipping



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