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Is There a Job that is too SMALL??


Don’t let someone tell you your shipment is too small to handle!

In the past few months, we’ve seen a new batch of freight forwarders and brokers entering the e-commerce market.  At the same time, we’ve had a number of customers tell us, that when they went to some of these other  brokers, they were told their shipment was too small for them to handle.  What?!?! Your shipment, regardless of size, is your living, and your business.  The volume is unimportant.  What IS important is you, your business, and how we can help get your shipment LARGE or SMALL to market quickly, efficiently, and with the least amount of headaches for you. HYC partners with so many agents that we can find you a shipping solution for 1 carton, to 10 containers.  And we handle each of those shipments with the same care and attention to detail. TOO SMALL?  Never!!! If you have any shipment, SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE or VENTI (for my Starbucks drinkers), please allow us the opportunity to show you how important you and your freight are to HYC Logistics. Thank you for being part of the HYC Family, and we look forward to working with you.