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It’s Time to Start Thinking of Holiday Orders……..Believe it or Not

Don’t Let the Holidays Sneak Up on You

It’s beginning to look a lot like…..well several holidays, but what we’re concerned about is when do you need to get your product on the e-shelf to be on time for Black Friday and Cyber-Monday in November. To determine that, we need to do some reverse engineering…..and let us stress THESE ARE ONLY ESTIMATES

  • Arrive at E-commerce Site
    • October 20th – Is the estimated deadline for most E-Commerce sites for freight to be “on the shelf”
  • Clear of Warehouse and on the truck to Fulfillment Center
    • October 6th – (14 days Prior to Would be the safe time for your freight to be on the truck from the port or US warehouse, in order to arrive in time to make it by the 20th comfortably.)
  • Arrive at Warehouse
    • September 26th – Would be the target date to have your freight clear of the port (ocean) or arrive at the US warehouse (air) and give ample time to process, inspect, label, etc.
  • Depart Shipper (Air)
    • September 20th – Departure in time to arrive by target date of Sept 26th
  • Depart Shipper (Ocean)
    • September 1st – Departure to allow 22-25 days of ocean transit time
  • Place order (Air or Ocean)
    • July 15th – This will depend on your supplier, but given the volume that will be occurring, the earlier the better
  • Some critical things to remember:
  • As traffic increases closer to September, capacity in both air and ocean freight will begin to book up. Less capacity means higher costs for space that is available.
  • Some carriers have been known to “bump” shipments in favor on “contract” clients.
  • Big shippers like Apple, Motorola, Nintendo, will book entire vessels, and there will be no availability on some ships sailing when you’re wanting to leave.
  • As always happens, when the port gets busy, we can see extending time in vessels being unloaded, and shipments being made available to us for retrieval.
  • Several fulfillment centers last year did not staff up for the holiday influx, and we saw them giving delivery appointments as much as two weeks after the request was made.
  • Murphy Loves Shipping…meaning if something can go wrong, it probably will on the shipment you need the quickest, so don’t delay.