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POA pg 2

T&C of Service

Continuous Bond

ISF – Importer Security Filing (will download an Excel spreadsheet file)

Import Process – Basic Steps

Terms & Acronyms

Simplifying the Process

Company Profile & Contact Info

Incoterms 2010 Rules

Outside Resources

Note, HYC provides these links as information only, as a benefit to our customers  These are referrals only, and not a solicitation of service by or for any vendor listed.

VAT (Value Added Tax) Information

taxjar TaxJar click on image, or click here. HYC met Jennifer at several of our e-Commerce expos, an the information she provides could be very helpful to e-Commerce sellers regarding sales tax, etc.

amz-logo AMZ Importers are product sourcing and marketing specialists that have helped numerous e-Commerce sellers better select, source, and market their products on line.